Logistics Coordinator/4516

Duration : 12 months
Start date : ASAP
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The Logistics Coordinator is in charge of the development, coordination and monitoring of every process related to logistics in the Mission. His/her main goal is to contribute to the Mission´s Country Strategy, to ensure the approach of the Mission is well adapted to the reality of logistics in the areas of operation. Based on this, the Logistics Coordinator will also design a specific strategy for logistics management in the Mission, as well as an action plan for its implementation. The action plan will be created in coordination with the other members of the Coordination Team, and its final aim will be to guarantee an efficient and effective operational support to the projects of the Mission.

Key activities in your role will include

Objective 1: Coordinate logistics at national level (40%)

  • Internal coordination of the Logistics team in the Mission
    • Allocation of workload and resources between Bases
    • Management and follow-up of logistics staff
    • Support the standardization of procedures and templates
    • Focal point for the team´s troubleshooting
    • Dissemination and implementation of Action Against Hunger´s logistics procedures (KitLog)
    • Ensure the compliance of the whole logistics operations to Action Against Hunger´s Good Business Regulations, Code of Conduct and Charter of Principles
  • Drafting of Proposals and Reports to donors
    • Ensure proposals are in line with the Mission´s Logistics Strategy, and take into account logistics costs, logistics needs, and the logistics context in the intended implementation areas
    • Create, update and disseminate Project Procurement Plans, to be included in the proposal package sent to Action Against Hunger´s donors
    • Creation of accurate reports to donors on all logistics aspects defined by their policy (including stock, equipment, fleet and procurement)
  • Support to and supervision of the supply chain:
    • Implementation and monitoring of Action Against Hunger´s Supply Chain Management Tools
    • Ensure adequate coordination among all departments involved in the supply chain to any extent
    • Procurement planning for every Contract to be implemented by the Mission
    • Creation, updating and dissemination of the Mission´s Supply Plan
    • Monitor and validate the work carried out by the Supply Logistician
    • Monitor the compliance with Action Against Hunger and donors´ logistics procedures
    • Ensure efficient transport of supplies within the Mission
    • Ensure the compliance of the whole supply chain to Action Against Hunger´s Good Business Regulations, Code of Conduct and Charter of Principles
    • Implementation of the anti-fraud policy and its tools within the logistics department
  • Budgeting
    • Prepare the logistics part of the Mission´s  annual budget
    • Contribute to any budget to be submitted to donors as part of a Proposal
    • Validate the monthly logistics expenditure forecast for all Bases
  • Reporting, analysis and information management
    • Control and analyse the Mission´s Logistics costs
    • Consolidate-, monitor- and analyze any data submitted by the Bases
    • Analyse and optimise equipment use
    • Ensure the implementation of Action Against Hunger´s Archiving Policy
    • Prepare responses to any donor requirements and audits at any level
    • Ensure the Monthly Reporting requirements to Headquarters are met by the Mission
  • Communication Management:
    • Implement adequate and relevant communication systems
    • Analyse new requirements and the cost/efficiency of existing systems
    • Implement Action Against Hunger´s IT policy in the Mission
  • Equipment Management:
    • Create and implement an equipment policy for the Mission
    • Ensure the adequacy of equipment to suit requirements and users
    • Manage equipment according to Action Against Hunger and donors’ guidelines
    • Ensure the correct and documented transfer of equipment on completion of projects
    • Ensure an efficient management of equipment in the Mission
  • Fleet Management
    • Ensure an efficient fleet planning and management in the Mission
    • Create and disseminate a vehicle use policy
    • Ensure efficient transport of staff within the Mission
    • Monitor the maintenance and control of vehicles in accordance with Action Against Hunger´s procedures
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
    • Contribute to the  creation and regular updating of the Mission´s Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan 
    • Train and prepare the Logistics teams on Emergency response according to the Mission´s Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
    • Set up and manage emergency stocks when applicable

Objective 2: Contribute to the definition of mission strategy (10%)

  • Contribute to the definition of the Logistics component of the Mission´s strategy with information, hard data and clear planning
  • Develop, update and disseminate the Mission´s Logistics Strategy
  • Contribute to discussions within the Mission´s Coordination Team as needed
  • Advise the Mission´s departments on logistics, as needed

Objective 3: Promote and ensure collaboration and coordination in logistics with external stakeholders and implementing partners (10%)

  • Contribute to the process of selection of implementing partners, and validate aby analysis submitted by the bases on their logistics capacity
  • Define the specifics of logistics management in any joint project between Action Against Hunger and its implementing partners
  • Ensure any practices not already in use by Action Against Hunger are analyzed and considered for implementation
  • Contribute and validate the logistics component of any written agreement between Action Against Hunger and its implementing partners
  • Represent Action Against Hunger on any external coordination bodies, and develop a network for the exchange of information and good practices on logistics

Objective 4: Line-management of the Logistics team in Beirut, and technical management of and support to Base Logisticians in the Bases (20%)

  • Define the country’s logistics team configuration, ensuring the correct allocation of human resources within the Mission
  • Create and define job descriptions for every member of the department
  • Contribute to the recruitment of logistics staff as needed
  • Ensure the cohesion and good communication within the department
  • Participate in the briefing/debriefing of logistics team members
  • Develop and monitor individual action plans for every member of the department
  • Contribute to the Mission Training Plan, and monitor its implementation within the logistics department
  • Provide technical support to any team member, as needed
  • Evaluate the performance of every team member, and contribute to the development their relevant skills

Objective 5: Operational support to the Mission´s security management (20%)

  • Advise the Country Director and the Deputy Country Director on matters related to security management
  • Deputise as security manager in the absence of the Country Director
  • Contribute to analyse the Mission´s operational context
  • Collect and disseminate externally produced security information to the relevant staff in the Operations department
  • Contribute to the design and update of the operational component of the Mission´s Security Plan package
  • Contribute to monitor the compliance of all staff with the Mission´s security regulations
  • Ensure the compliance of all personnel under his direct management with the Mission´s security regulations
  • Contribute to the follow up on the physical status and availability of contingency measures and equipment (e.g. hibernation boxes, back-up vehicles).

Objective 6: Support humanitarian activities of Action Against Hunger

  • Support any emergency interventions by Action Against Hunger in Lebanon
  • Support any activity that helps reaching Action Against Hunger´s goals in Lebanon
  • Promote Gender Balance in teams when recruiting  


Do you meet the profile required criteria?

Training/ Education:

Required: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Logistics, Business, Engineering or another related field. Master in Logistics, Humanitarian Studies or similar an asset.

Technical specific knowledge:

Experience in Logistics and security management in humanitarian operations. Knowledge of Action Against Hunger´s Kitlog V3.6 an asset. Advanced knowledge of donor’s guidelines and procedures related to Logistics (ECHO, UNICEF,USAID, CIDA) an asset.

Previous experience:

Minimum 2-years experience in field logistics coordination in a Humanitarian Aid organization. Evidence of practical experience in logistics management and coordination within the field of supply chain management, fleet/transport management and asset management. Experience in launching tenders an asset.

Experience in budgeting and budget management for logistics.

Experience producing accurate-, timely and efficient reports about all areas related to logistics.

Proven management- and coordination skills (including HR and stress management).

Proven ability in translating analysis and evaluation into operational planning and strategic decision-making.

Humanitarian sector knowledge:


At least 2 years of professional experience in a similar role (international humanitarian operations, medium-big sized mission, access constraints).

Action Against the Hunger knowledge:

Previous experience with Action Against Hunger preferred. Experience using Kitlog 3.6 an asset.


English (spoken, read and written to professional competence level); Arabic (desirable); Spanish (useful);

IT and specific systems:


Advanced Windows MSOffice user, proficient level of MS Excel compulsory. General IT knowledge and experience an asset.

Mobility (national/ international)

Mobility between bases as required. Ability to travel occasionally outside Lebanon.


Our remuneration package:

As per ACF salary scale

Action against Hunger is committed to preventing any type of unwanted behaviour at work such as but not limited to sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, lack of integrity and/or financial misconduct; We expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment through endorsing our code of conduct and other related policies and only those who share our values and code of conduct will be recruited to work for us.

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