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Relevant information :
- You will only have to fill a form with all your personal information once.
- The system will register all your information and we will be in charge of reviewing your profile according to our positions inside ACF.
- Please do not fill the form multiple times, just once. The Human Resources department will only contact those candidates that have been pre-selected for an interview.
- If we have not contacted you in a period of 10 days after you have submitted your application, you must consider that your application will not be considered for the position.
- Note. - Given the urgency of this position, the vacancy may close before the given deadline.
- The vacancy announcement will appear in the working language of the country to which you are applying to.

List of vacancies

Position LocationDuration
Deputy Food Security & Livelihoods CoordinatorLebanon, Beirut12 months
Coordinateur/Coordinatrice Sécurité Alimentaire et Moyens d'Existence (SAME)Mauritania, Nouakchott12 mois Renouvelable
Regional Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Advisor Regional Office West and Central Africa, Dakar12 months (renewable)
MERL Coordinator (Expat & National Position)Syria, Damascus12 months
Position LocationDuration
Administrative and Financial CoordinatorLebanon, Beirut12 months
LPC and Consortium ManagerLebanon, Beirut12 months
Nutrition and Health CoordinatorLebanon, Beirut12 months
Program ManagerLebanon, Beirut4 months
WASH Deputy CoordinatorLebanon, Beirut12 months
Food Security, Livelihoods & Nutrition Program ManagerLebanon, Zahle12 months
Deputy Operations' Coordinator (Support)Lebanon, Zahle12 months
Conseiller Régional en Accès Humanitaire et Sécurité (MALI et NIGER)Mali, Bamako12 mois
Coordonnateur/trice Eau, Assainissement, Hygiène - WASHMali, Bamako12 mois
Logisticien de Base ACF - GaoMali, Gao12
Flying FSL CoordinatorSahel6 mois
Responsable Approvisionnement / NiameyNiger, Niamey12 mois
Consortium CoordinatorPalestine, Gaza18 months
Consortium MEAL LeadPalestine, Gaza18 months
Consortium Partnership Manager Palestine, Gaza18
Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) Program ManagerPalestine, Gaza12 months
Head of basePalestine, Gaza12 months
Humanitarian Advocacy and Information Management CoordinatorPalestine, Jerusalem12 months
Logistics CoordinatorPalestine, Jerusalem12 months
Directeur/trice Pays SénégalSenegal, DakarCDI
WASH and Rehabilitation Coordinator (National & Expat)Syria, Damascus12 months
Coordinador/a Administrativo/a y FinanzasVenezuela, Caracas12 meses
Especialista de Incidencia del Foro de ONG InternacionalesVenezuela, Caracas6 meses
Grants ManagerVenezuela, Caracas12 meses

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